Marcus Vitel

Prince Marcus Vitel

Clan: Ventrue
Appearance: Vitel dresses in the most expensive suits available, and adds an elegant trench coat to his attire in poor weather. He has black hair and dark blue eyes which burn with a cold intensity. When he steps into a room, all others fall silent.

The Prince is at court at least one night a week, the rest of the time he is taking care of city business at his offices or personal residence. You can always get a hold of him through his personal assistants. The first Tuesday of every month the Prince and Primogen Council meet at one the Elysium sites.

History: After waking from torpor in 1954 in a basement of a Maryland countryside plantation residence, Marcus Vitellius discovered he awoke in the most powerful place in the world, Washington D.C. For adapting to the new world, he shortened his last name to Vitel.

Marcus began immediately to establish himself a base of operations in D.C. He became integral to the operations of the court and Price Marissa’s rule. In 1982 Prince Marissa went missing. Marcus who was the right hand to the Prince assumed control of the city. For two weeks blood ran in the streets as vampires settled old scores and the anarchs moved openly in the street.

The Camarilla give its blessing to Marcus to become the official prince of the city. During the early years he was besieged on all sides. Anarchs moved into the eastern section of the city, Sabbat attacks from the north increased and the werewolves from the south. A peace treaty with wolves, the Sabbat pushed back to Baltimore and anarchy movement crushed Marcus closes the 1980’s secure in his position.

Marcus Vitel

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